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SmartDrive is a lightweight power assist motor for manual wheelchairs

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Why use a SmartDrive?

I want to sit in a manual wheelchair, but don’t want to have to work too hard with my arms and shoulders
  • Propel less to go further
  • Enables more and longer trips per day
  • Frees up both hands

How do you use your SmartDrive?

I’ve reclaimed parts of my life that I had previously scaled down
  • Easily controlled with a PushTracker worn on the wrist
  • Steady pace with multiple adjustable speeds, even on a steep incline
  • Makes everyday situations easier since your hands are freer

What does it take to use the SmartDrive correctly?

Finding a good balance on the chair is everything. It gets a lot easier to roll and easier to maneuver
  • Set up the wheelchair correctly
  • Work on your wheelchair skills
  • Challenge yourself
  • Always be mindful turn the SmartDrive off when not in use

How to use a SmartDrive safely

Adjusting how fast you go according to your situation is really important
  • Find the speed you’re comfortable with
  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Turn it off when not needed

SmartDrive instead of brute force

The right conditions are crucial to get the most out of a SmartDrive. Thomas Fogdö lists his prior knowledge and what SmartDrive enabled him access to.

Prior skills
  • You get in and out of the wheelchair yourself
  • You handle your wheelchair yourself in all kinds of trips
  • You are comfortable making your way in your wheelchair on your own
  • You can get up on your own if you tip over or fall out of your wheelchair
  • You can safely maneuver through a crowd in your wheelchair
  • You are able to balance the wheelchair on the rear wheels
SmartDrive enables
  • Capacity to go further, every day
  • Climb longer and higher hills
  • A better and safer pace when going downhill
  • Simpler and more precise when turning and taking curves
  • Better handling and control on uneven ground and terrain

Correct basic position

SmartDrive works best if you have had help adjusting and finding the right balance in your manual wheelchair.

  • When weight is shifted and too much behind the large rear wheels, the wheelchair becomes heavy to propel.

  • With a good balance, your weight is directly over the large wheels axle and propulsion is smooth.

Richer life

“There are parts of life that I scaled down because they demanded too much energy, parts that I realize that I can actually do again with the help of SmartDrive”

Less wear

“Pain, problems, surgery – I didn’t want to end up there. So I began looking for something that could make things easier. I found SmartDrive”

More independence

“I still want to be a person who sits in a manual wheelchair, but I don’t want to subject my body to unnecessary strain.”

Smooth complement

“SmartDrive fills the gap between a manual and a power chair”

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SmartDrive with PushTracker - go farther every day

  • PushTracker

    Control your SmartDrive with the armband, a PushTracker that senses your arm movements and keeps track of your progress during the day. The smart armband reacts when you tap your hand lightly against the chair, two taps is the basic command to start or gradually increase the pace. Connect the PushTracker to a SmartDrive app in your cell phone and get access to extensive user data related to your movement patterns.

    Read more about PushTracker
  • SmartDrive


    SmartDrive is a lightweight power assist motor for manual wheelchairs. It’s easy to install, is controlled using a smart armband on your wrist and is a reliable support when you want some physical relief in daily life. SmartDrive has a strong motor that can handle steep inclines and uneven ground, but can also work for you at a very low power when, for example, you’re slowly steering through a crowd or want both hands free to push a shopping cart in the store.

    Read more about SmartDrive